Freedom Series: with Barry Magliarditi

For Monday’s first #FREEDOMseries, we had Australia’s #1 Marketing and Mindset Coach and Head coach at The Game Changers, Michael McNish!


Watch out for the following #gold advice:

⚡ how to find the coach (among so many) for you own needs
⚡ where to begin a solid grasp of marketing: from the best books, to understanding your customer
⚡ what it takes to develop trust as a coach and mentor
⚡ a quick introduction to the Profit Plan!

About Michael

📌 “The Sherp” has over 15 years sales and marketing experience. He has coached, mentored and trained over 1000 business owners to create multi-millions dollars worth of sales and profits.

About Barry

📌 Barry Magliarditi is the Founder and CEO of The Game Changers. Being recognized for his thought leadership by the 30 Under 30 – 2015 Telstra Business Awards, Barry has helped thousand of business owners triple their profits, double their time off, and claim their path to true freedom.
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