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--------- Revealed! Brand New From Barry Magliarditi ---------
How A Bankrupt "Industry Outcast" Proved His Boss Wrong 
And Built a 7-Figure Business that Operates without him...
(in less than 3-years)

While you're here, make sure you read this personal letter that I wrote for you...
From 747 Cockpit with Barry Magliarditi
Landing in Melbourne, Australia

Dear Business Owner,

What they’ve told you isn’t true, well not all of it anyway...
 If you’d like to grow a profitable business that operates without you and truly create the success you want as an entrepreneur or business owner...
Without the busyness, stress, multitasking and general overwhelm…
 AND if you'd like the exact steps and proven methodology you need to simplify, systemise and scale your business... 
Simple and efficient...
 Then read on.
Today, I want to gift you my Ultimate Game Plan™ Consult Session with one of my  Game Plan™ experts absolutely free, you won't believe why...

You Game Plan™ Consult Session is specifically crafted to Triple your Profits and Double your Time Off so you Get your Game On in life and business now!

Inside this 1 hour Ultimate Game Plan™ Consult with my Game Plan™ expert, you’ll be diving deep into unlocking the blocks and sticky points in your business that are in the way of achieving the ONLY critical next steps for your business growth.

Giving you back the momentum to get in and after what you want, how you want.
This Game Plan™ alone made me over 6-Figures in 90-days. And 7-Figures in 12-months. Enabling me to Overcome Bankruptcy of $1.3 Million Dollars... 
It was the game changer in growing my business week on week... and still is the one thing most critical to business growth.

BUT MOST importantly, the Game Plan™ enabled me to build a business and a team who now systematically grow my business for me... 

Giving me the opportunity to touch the lives of thousands of businesses across Australia and the Globe.

Serving clients, speaking on stages, transforming lives and truly creating the business of my dreams (cliché I know).

This Game Plan™ has brought alive deep fulfilment and growth - activating me personally, professionally, financially, spiritually… and enabling that too for and my team and those around me.... and our tribe of Game Changers.

My Guarantee to you is that this Game Plan™ Consult Session will give you the Confidence and Activation to Take the Exact Steps because you know they will Grow you Business.
Don't spend many day, weeks, moons or months, even years trying to get it right yourself, doing it alone like so many do.
I'll tell you more about the details of your Game Plan™ Consult Session in a moment (including everything you must know about being a member of The Opulence™ Program and our tribe of Game Changers...)

But before I explain why I'm offering you this 1 hour Ultimate Game Plan™ Consult Session for free... 

I have a very important thing that you need to know before you read on. 

This Ultimate Game Plan™ Consult Session is only available for the next few days (unless it fill up earlier) because we only have 43 Spots Left Inside The Opulence™ Program for True Game Changers. 
That means that once those spots are taken, you will go onto the long waitlist 
EVEN IF YOU ARE A True Game Changer.

Why you ask? 

Well, this is a really intimate program which means that you get exactly what you need to scale your business, the coaching, mentoring, support from our team, training portal, inner circle and… and… (more on that in a minute)

Which ultimately means that we have capped our program with a very limited number of people.

It so important for us to always know where you’re at in business, preempt and quickly overcome your next challenges… and ultimately serve you and your business deeply with the rythm of your business.

This Game Plan™ Session has been trialled and tested (proven over & over) to achieve Rapid Business Growth in the Simplest and Most Effective way... 

Built to Triple Your Profits and Double Your Time Off.
So read all the way through this letter right now because once it’s gone, it’s gone...

Now, with that out of the way, let me explain more because business wasn’t always like this for me.

Life in business started for me at 16....
I was running a Carpentry Business for my boss.

He was abusive, told me I couldn’t communicate and would never amount to anything.

I was locked in the toilets by my coworkers (punishment for leadership) and I was drip fed earning of $6 per hour. NO overtime pay.

Until the day I miraculously found a moment of courage and walked out (without a plan) and even more miraculously within 3-weeks, put an Ad in the local paper for my craftsmanship…
I didn’t know anything about business and in truth I sometimes think, that was the saving grace for all that was to come.

That business quickly turned into a kitchen and bathroom renovation business and grew exponentially purely through word of mouth.

I was now 18 years old, had grown it to a team of 4 staff and with a total revenue of $750,000. 

And then over the next three years I grew that to 14 Staff, 4 Contractors and $2.2 Million Annual Revenue.

I had never once had a single ounce of business mentoring, coaching support or training, let alone a business plan.  

I had never had a complaint either… and for a business like that, at that age, I wonder what I was thinking. 

You see the business was my life, yet as life quickly changed, I couldn’t change the business.

And I realised I didn’t actually have a business.
My business had me by the...
I discovered I was trapped in a business that had recruited me into a role that I couldn’t leave.

I was working 80+ hours a week, suffering through tiredness and exhaustion and I didn’t get the ramifications of the decisions I had made - or making - until it was too late.  

I was locked ‘Ball & Chain’ to a business. 

I had to squeeze my life, my family and my partner in where I could. I had no room for negotiating any space for life amongst my business.

Until my partner fell pregnant. Twice within 15-Months.

Now everything was an absolute stretch for me and my life was buckling at the sides.

"I was trying hard, doing all the wrong things well and barely surviving the monthly bills and payroll. But no one really knew what was going on. I was in a dark place and felt so alone..."  
- Barry Magliarditi
I had invested in new, innovative, state of the art cutting equipment to increase the efficiency and effectiveness of the business. 

But it came with a grave cost...

It was 8 years ago now when I officially hit rock bottom. 
I was in $1.3 Million of business debt and my partner decided that it was time.
Life was too difficult for her "doing it alone" with the kids as I was never at home and when I was... I wasn’t present or available.

She was Moving to the other side of the country to be with her family...”

I was in pain, suffering from overwhelm and I lay awake at night wondering how I could make it all go away. Hardly surviving, I felt on life support and was watching myself lose everything that was important to me.

Dragging my feet, numb to any options, splitting at the seams. 

Then finally, in my Final Hour, a new business opportunity opened up...
I had alway been solid at sales and marketing and that possibility created a partnership with one of my state competitors who could deliver the product and do installs from my sales.

A glimmer of hope… the final change that could change it all. 

I could sell my new equipment (heavily reduced) and pay down the remaining debt via remotely selling kitchens and bathrooms. 

Then move to the other side of the country too. 

I pulled it off.
And then came the booby trap...
I got ripped off.
Fair to say “good play” to that old competitor.

Could I have seen it coming? Maybe not, but could I have been better prepared.
Of course...

I wasn’t just broke now...
I Was Bankrupt.
And my spirit as a man was now feeling completely broken.

The very moment that new equipment was sold and departed the front gates of my yard…

I was left standing in my driveway when I answered my ringing phone. 

It was my "new" Business Partner...

The deal was off. 

No longer would the partnership "work" he said... 


“We won’t be installing any kitchens & bathrooms that you sell on our behalf...”

My new "Ex" Business Partner.

And the final straw....

I was bootstrapped and penniless. I handed over all my sets of keys...

Homeless, I used my last $1000 to catch the ferry and fuel my car to get to the other side of the country.

7-days of driving on the road and hanging out with my furry best friend, Julz.

She loved me unconditionally and provided the companionship I needed.

I was grieving, yet was starting the rebuilding process on those many miles overland to WA.

I could never be the same man again… 

And while on this earth, any business of mine would never be done the same again.
I’m not sure if anything sounds familiar here; whether your story has taken you through similar upheavals, being slapped around by bosses or co workers.

The feeling of losing your partner and children… being lied to and cheated on. 

Being filled with uncontrollable emotion or anger, feeling abused or confused… or worse still... outcast and abandoned.

"But I don’t tell you this story for sympathy or to throw a pity party. I never do anything by halves...

I tell you because I of where I am now. 

Those many learnings & breakthroughs were exactly what I needed to discover what was required for true success.

I needed to hit rock bottom... "
- Barry Magliarditi
I now speak from a completely different place than back then, at that tough and trying time in my life.

I couldn't have believed I would achieve what I have achieved now... 
Not in this lifetime.

Back then, at rock bottom, I was asking real ‘heavyweight’ questions of myself.

About the meaning of life and my role "here on earth."

I was soul searching and looking to understand the nature of “god” and what had attracted me to this experience.

I know now that history leaves clues. 

But back then, it was more than an ordeal.

Yet it was the necessary gift.  

It was my Activation. 
I got reborn with new Inspired Action. 
New Found Direction.
I went really deep into myself, I studied and learned about mindset and performance psychology.  Learning to understand the nature of human patterns, limiting beliefs and family systemic change. 

What we now call the Inner Game.

My oxygen was now education and I breathed in all things Business, Mindset, Coaching and Transformation.

I invested hundreds of thousands of dollars into learning and dived deep into determining the difference that made the difference in every area of business, systemisation, operations and leadership.  

What we now call The Outer Game.

"The these two pieces - Our Inner and Outer Game - come together powerfully in life and business to form The Game of Life...."
- Barry Magliarditi
And I made the commitment to NEVER LET MYSELF OR ANY OTHER BUSINESS OWNER go through the experience that I was coming back from.

I launched my coaching business and charged through start up - growing it to $1-million within the first 12-months. 

Start up requires 80% Sales and Marketing for Growth and this in not the obstacle in business…

The true obstacle of business is creating a business that can overcome its reliance on you.
I committed to growing a business that didn’t rely on me and had the necessary systems, processes, team and strategy to grow. 

I committed to growing a business that thrived for greater good, serving clients in a profound and intimate way and then growing their business so that they too could impact the world. 

I committed to lead true game changers through tribal spirit to grow and succeed with ease through self mastery.

I Crafted the Ultimate Game Plan™ Consult Session from my journey... it is my life's work....

This One session connects you with the strategy truly is the difference that makes the difference. 

All that’s required for you to Master the Inner and Outer Game of Life.

And in true game-changer style, you get just this once, today, to change the game of life.  

And you pay the cost of your game-changing time... 
ONLY 1 hour of your game-changing life.

We Promise You. 

We get just how important and valuable one hour of your life is.

So we Guarantee that you will walk away with 5X the game-changing value you would create in 1-hour of your life in your session. 

Play full out on the Ultimate Game Plan™ Consult session with one of my highly qualified experts and your life will change.

Can you recall a moment in time that has truly change the course of your life?

Those pivotal moves that you have made?

Or the things that you learn of that you can’t unlearn... and wouldn't choose to.

Could you dare leave this free Ultimate Game Plan™ Session undiscovered if you had the power of 20:20 hindsight?
We have the 20:20 hindsight and we can tell you that Your Answer is No.

Your Ultimate Game Plan™ Consult Session promises to be one of those moments. It promises to serve you with new possibilities in business and life, assisting you to grow toward a newfound ever improved trajectory of life. 

And The Opulence Program™ brings alive through its power, ongoing coaching and game-changing education - a tribe that is consistently levelling up.

Our tribe is one that you’ve never witnessed before, not maybe dreamt of, not seen or ever experienced.

Something incredibly remarkable occurs when you journey with The Opulence Program™ members - you get to understand the true meaning of having mentors that back you and people around you, celebrating and challenging you every step of the way.  

But it’s not for everyone, one bad apple ruins the cart and we work extensively meticulously on building the filters that let only exactly who we want in. And then we get them in action taking mode from day one. 

Because with one of these Ultimate Game Plan™ Consult Sessions, we see your potential and what would happen when you joined the Opulence Program. 

We are so clear and specific of who we want to work with and who has the potential to achieve true success.

We know it’s in you when we see you.
It takes a certain type of person, an enormous amount of courage and sheer belief to flow into the land of unreasonable and keep taking action. We know who to choose for success.

For some, the ‘potential’ success though our program is too great and can often feel like it came “too soon” without enough hard work, without enough tears and not enough hours.

It can be a common belief, since we’ve generally been brought up with saying like ‘It can’t come easy,’ only hard. And "You need to work hard to get ahead."  What we believe becomes our truth. 

Either way, this is not for you. You will get there eventually! But not with us.

If that is you, then we do admire that you know yourself well enough to have such realisations... and that you'll hold yourself back from this ticket.

For those who are willing reach for the ticket to Certainty and take us up on Our Promise...
  •   You will get your Game Plan™, a highly specific and tailored plan to incrementally break down your life and business into Goals, Projects and Steps to smash out in The Opulence Program™.
  • We guide and teach, coach and expand what is possible for you in all areas of business and life as the business owner - Your Game of Life.
  • You will get the breakthroughs and the wins, the simple systems and processes you need and that attract the clients and customers you want.
  • Together we will cover everything from your Sales systems, Marketing systems, Operations, Delivery and Team Frameworks.
  •  You’ll discover your leadership naturally progressing to next level - allowing you to Lead and Empower your team to grow your business.
  •  You will discover ways to fulfil your prospects and clients needs that transform their lives and turn them into raving fans with a loyal and lifelong following. Repeat customers or clients and increased lifetime value.
  •  You’ll enjoy life and business in new ways that is something perfectly unique to you - whether it be more time with family, playing with the kids, going on holidays while your business continues to grow or sitting at home with time up your sleeve and nothing urgent stressing you out. 
  •  It's this special and unexpected 'something' that our members describe they get from working with up that they didn’t realise they were looking for.
This is the stuff that you just can’t quite put your finger on right now. Because in fact this is the True discovery of Mastery lies.
And The Opulence program™ is so bespoke and intimately tailored to lead you.

From all that I have and am yet to experience, I now know with absolute certainty that the one thing that creates the greatest impact in our life after completing the Ultimate Game Plan™ Consult Session is... 

Diving into the Inner Game... 

Your success will always come at a grave cost if you are not working on your Inner Game.  For true success, we require work on the inner and outer game of life.

So, long story short.
Our Opulence Program™ is designed with one Game Plan™ in mind...

We dive into the one thing that makes the difference - we work with you on Your Inner And Outer Game.

And as a tribe, we invite you forward... 
to Mastering of the Game of Life.
And, as I mentioned a moment ago, this once off opportunity is not for everyone and I ask you to strongly consider if this is right for you before you book.

The Opulence program™ is for coachable action takers, not complainers or excuse makers. This program is for members who are willing to reach out as soon as they need support or assistance to take the next action. It is not for couch sitters or ‘want-to-be’s’...

Because we have taken years creating this program and have built the game-changing team and tribe to support the right people. We will know you when we see you.

But we are only willing to share this with you if you willingly choose to play this game full out as a true game changer today.

This will be your defining moment of 2019! 

If you choose it to be and book in your Game Plan™ Consult Session.

Your Game Plan™ will be the one plan that will discover for you a streamlined, systemised business that works without you and is scalable.

No longer will you need to talk about the tiredness and overwhelm, scarcity or (finish the sentence) because you’ll be on your game and playing full out, hitting goals left right and centre.

"Do I wish that I'd been given the opportunity to say YES to THIS FREE 1 HOUR with ONE OF MY EXPERTS for the cost of ONE GAME CHANGING HOUR OF MY LIFE...?  YES."
- Barry Magliarditi
I know all the hours, time, cost and energy I could have redirected or realigned to the one thing had I been guided.


My journey has been the gift for so many others. 

Even if I knew this stuff before, I wouldn’t have known it’s true value like I do now. My losses taught me all that I have gained now.

When I was writing this letter to you, I was thinking about my hourly rate 10-years ago... 

And remembering all the times my staff were paid while my dinner table and pantry was empty, left unable to feed my family.

And if I were to divide the number of hours I was working by the amount I took home, I was earning sometimes only a few dollars an hour. 

I was living on the bones of my bare ass.

If this sounds like what you want to avoid then bite the bullet and rise to the plate today by playing full out in in your game changing ultimate Game Plan™ consult session just like these Game Changers have....

"I've gained sales skills, better skills in accessing my customers and learnt techniques about how to run my business and see where my business benchmarks are"
In less than 6 weeks in The Opulence Program™, Dean Spicer has already gained so much..
"A business is a reflection of you.  So if you're not functioning at 100% neither is your business and having someone look over your shoulder and look into that - it's huge!"
Building an online tutorial business is very challenging and needs guidance, especially with the Marketing aspect in their business.
One Clear, Specific and Simple Step today promises to yield you an outcome of disproportionate size to your average hourly rate... We Guarantee at least 5X.
It will also leave you with the Guarantee of a step by step pathway Towards your Success.  Removing your guess-work, procrastination or busyness and getting in the true game. 

Leap the hurdles and overcome the falls, succeeding like a true Opulence Member, our program will give you the solidarity and certainty you’re looking for.

Choose to Thrive and change the game as a member amongst a true tribe.

Let this be your 2019 defining moment and book your Game Plan™ session quickly here before they’re all gone.
I will remain unapologetic if you miss out.  
In fact, if you miss out, it wasn’t meant for you.

The universe rewards action. Action gets results and we have designed this to speak specifically to who we want in our tribe. So it wasn't meant for you.

You know who you are, choose now to rise and overcome what you see is holding you back right now. Let us guide you towards what is possible in all areas of life with the Ultimate Game Plan™ Consult Session now.

And, that’s it.

If you wake up tomorrow morning… and realise it was meant for you, you’ll have our waitlist to look forward to.

The spots will be taken up and the offer not available here anymore.
So if you’re ready to get started…

Hit the button, skip the waitlist and claim your ultimate Game Plan™ consult session now before someone else pulls it from beneath you.

I cannot wait for you to join me amongst our tribe.
See you inside The Opulence Program.

Barry Magliarditi
From the desk of my 747

If you’re like me, someone who skips straight down to the end of the letter…

Make sure that you also skip our Opulence Program™ waitlist!

Click the button to schedule your Ultimate Game Plan™ Consult Session and beat the queue.

You’ll be on fire with certainty and be hit with the next steps on exactly what you need to do to start stepping it up in your business simply with high leverage action. 

Your plan will have identified what you need to do to scale your business and be on your way to building a highly profitable business that works without you.
I guarantee that your Ultimate Game Plan™ Consult Session will give you the certainty for success and will return to you 5X the value of 1 hour of your game changing life...  
We will know what we need to do together to scale your business while bringing greater freedom.  

Dare to dream and book in your ultimate Game Plan™ consult session quickly now.  Once the spots have run out, your only chance at The Opulence program™ will be through moving up on our waitlist.

We only want to work deeply and intimately with 100 business owners and the only way to work with us entering the Game Plan™ session.

We know who we want. 

We know when we've got a true Game Changer on the phone with the ability to act and the willingness to be coached inside The Opulence Program™.  Potential and ability to act.

Choose to build a profitable business that supports your lifestyle and be the successful entrepreneur your heart wants for you.  Specifically...

  •  Our program provides you the one on one planning, the group coaching sessions, webinars and necessary education for success through the one-degrees of change. 
  •  Our community is vibing so high and will be the thing that you’ve been searching for your entire business life yet never known was missing.
  •  We guarantee to assist you on your path to success and that requires that you dive into the inner and outer game with with mindset aligned to business strategy.
  •  Our tribe will be available, every week to assist you in our Sherp Sessions, while we also build growth and accountability as a community.
  •  Our training portal provides you all the education required for all pillars of business, from sales, marketing (online and organic), operations and fulfilment to mindset and project management.
  •  Plus you get to be in the room with me and my team every single quarter for three days of pure genius zone delivery and action taking. 
We have perfected the combination of mindset, education and getting your "GameOn" with action taking so you’re moving towards the success that you specifically asked for and created in your Ultimate Game Plan™...  
Business and success is different for everyone and with that in mind, our program is specifically tailored to assist every single one of our members, no matter what point on the journey you are… supporting you to get what you are looking for with the potential that lays at your feet.

We know that you’re investment with us is one of the safest investments into business and growth that has ever existed and that will ever exist. Our skin is in the game with you.

And you have me and my team on the court playing full out with you, answering your questions and celebrating your wins.


Just in case you have some questions right now, I’ve jumped at the opportunity here of sharing with you the most frequently asked questions so you get the answer you’re looking for here…

Question #1: How long is my Ultimate Game Plan™ Consult Session?
Take one minute and book your initial 15-minute session now and then we’ll walk you towards your ultimate Game Plan™ consult session starting today.
You’ll get a small snapshot feeling of what it’s like to be a member in our Opulence Program™ and we get to ensure that you meet the prequalification criteria for invitation to the 60-minute Game Plan™ session with one of my highly trained consult experts.
QUESTION #2: How long will it take to be accepted into the Opulence Program™?
We make sure that all members are off flying from the starting block so that means that get access to our online training & inner circle straight away within 24-hours. You will get your own kick off call in the first week and start your first sprint by completing our proven methodology and startup training called LaunchPad.
QUESTION #3: How many hours commitment does the Opulence Program™ require of me per week?
You can expect to commit 2-3 hours a week to attend all training sessions and absorb the content and material PLUS be taking the mandatory actions we set with you in your Game Plan™ session.

We get that some business owners who are more experienced and may not require the same amount of time or those that are completely new might need to be in the trenches a little longer occasionally.  

Just like anything in life, what you put in, you get out and we will stretch you into the world beyond that which you believe is currently possible for you and support you with identifying the projects required for you to implement. But we can’t do it for you.

QUESTION #4: "What stage of business should I be in?"
The minimum criteria for joining the program is an annual revenue of 250k+ because we know that at this stage of business you have a proven product and some rungs on the board. Typically you are even considering bringing on staff (internal or outsourced) to support future growth.
QUESTION #5: “Can I join the Opulence Program™ if I am not turning an annual revenue of $250k in my business?”
If you are close, hungry and eager to grow and coachable then you might get accepted. Success comes from taking action and if you are able to show this in business and life, then we want to hear from you.
QUESTION #6: “How long must you have been in business to join?”
The number of month or years you have been in business is no indication of your ability to be coached, take on advice, be coachable and work the plan toward success. 
QUESTION #7:  Part A "Does this work for a any business? 
Part B Does this work for any business owner?"
Part A Yes. Part B No.

Whether you are in a brick and mortar business, face-to-face consulting and professional services or driving growth of a gym, salon, trades business, health and wellbeing i.e. chiropractors or childcare centre. 

This program will work for you. We know this with absolute certainty.

The same opulent steps are required and we will work with you in the Game Plan™ session to build those out for you... 

However! This is not for every business owner - it is simply fact that not everyone that walks on this earth is open and coachable towards growth, in fact, many humans seek the sand that buries thy head! We know the difference pretty quickly, it’s not one that is easily hid and certainly not from me and my team of experts.

Only 1 in 3 applications are actually accepted. Good luck.

QUESTION #8: "How quickly will I see a return on my investment?" 
Great question. I love this one because some impossibly unique happens when you join and get going. Results start to show up in your life in all areas - we don’t limit that you business as personally you’ll get to experience life and relationships in a new way too.

We have designed this program so that you can take some powerful aligned action straight out of the starting block to get some numbers on the board and dollars in the bank.

QUESTION #9: "What is the cost of the Opulence Program™?" 
The Opulence Program™ is one of the only ways that you can get coaching with me, while also getting access to a tribe of game-changers and volt of information and bonus resources to develop your highest self and activate your potential. 

 This program is a Life Changing initiation that is a fraction of the cost of what I would charge for private one on one coaching, where I take business owners through the same processes and frameworks. Putting a number here may have you not apply and I know there is so much Power and Possibility when we dont let our own money stories stop us from pursuing our dreams.
QUESTION #10: How long is the Opulence Program™?
The initial growth phase is a 12-month journey where we work with you to turn your pain into power and your mess into a masterpiece.
QUESTION #11: "What other resources, online tools or plans do I need?" 
My team will walk you through this during a number of different check ins, one on one sessions, videos and emails in the first two weeks.
QUESTION #10: "Do you really guarantee that doing this ultimate Game Plan™ consult session and being in The Opulence program™ will work for me?"

If you take the action, show up to over 90% of the sessions and training. Attend all members events and play full out, asking for help when you need and building your leadership within the community then we know you will succeed.

We have the education and training you require every single step of the way covered and we have our skin in the game for your success.
Feeling really busy and overwhelmed in business?
Make your priority to book your Ultimate Game Plan™ Consult Session and jump on a call with one of my extensively trained experts. We will work with you to change the game for you and your business.

Life is short.

I have also learned that there are many ways to the top.

My commitment to you is that you take the simplest and shortest way to the top. 

Don’t spend the best of your business years working hard so that you spend so few of your hours at the top.  You will get there, but make sure it’s with your best years still ahead of you. 

Change the game and reap the rewards. If you’re serious and getting all that you ultimately deserve then don’t hesitate and book your Ultimate Game Plan™ Consult Session in today.

Be one of our Opulent few and be contributed to from myself, my team and the Opulent community that you are ready for.

I have found you for a reason, I have used my tools, education and genius to reach out through all the noise, all the stress and business of social media to find you.

I trust that I’m on point. 

Now it’s all up to you....

Success Stories from other Game Changing Businesses 
in our Opulence Program™...

Jack Challis, Geelong Plumbing and Gas

"Since joining The Game Changers and taking time to work on myself, my team and the business, we've gone from strength to strength with greater alignment individually and in the business as a whole! I achieved a personal record with the biggest Monthly Revenue Generation and landed our biggest clients to date!" 

Paul Jamieson, Go Mad Marketing

#OMG My mind was blown today 💣💥 during my Game Plan™ session today with Michael McNish. It was a real Game Changer - I went to the meeting with a preconception of how the meeting would go and how I would take the next steps to help build my business. I thought it would be working on how I would scale up and increase my revenue by attracting leads and allocating sales figures on conversion for each product and service to make up this gap or goal targets. But I soon realised that to work towards reaching these goals and taking action to get there I would first have to work on myself through personal growth to achieve business growth, I gained amazing..."

Vanessa and Edie, Profit First Accounting

"Before our Game Plan™ and then working with the game changers we use to only pay ourselves $200 per week. At that time I was working more than 80hr per week and even sleeping in the office leaving my husband to look after our kids. Now I'm home to see and spend time with my kids. My income has increased dramatically and our business has taken off."

Rai Geddes, Sunrai Designs

"I just attended my Game Plan™ session and it was very worthwhile, I gained more clarity around what I need to do next. I tend to have too many ideas and then get stuck not knowing which one to action so I don't act! I'm a perfectionist which also stops me from acting. I stay comfortable and within my means, I need to play a bigger game, I have the ability and the passion but I need to back myself and allow myself to launch. I'm looking forward to the journey."

Dan Peterson, Northwood Green

"The Opulence program™ has been a Game-Changer for me. It's completely transformed my beliefs and my business. I was close to shutting things down prior to meeting Barry and the Team and since then we have grown strength to strength more than doubling in size and seeing us win out biggest client to date."

Louisa & Pat Cassidy, Synergy Property Alliance

"Since joining The Opulence program™ we've had some real breakthroughs in our thinking, developed a clear plan, Built a sales funnel, Launched our first Facebook ads campaign and are seeing leads coming in. We've had more momentum and progress in the first month of joining than our whole year prior"

Tim O'shea, Townsville Solar

"The Game Changers have helped me to learn the value of my time, allowed me to determine where my focus and energy mattered and developed my mindset. Today we landed our biggest deal to date! It will generate the equivalent to a quarter of last years turnover and we now have the systems and team to handle it. Needless to say we're cheering!"

Justin Bourne, Blank Canvas

"I used to work until 2-3am each night for nearly 3 months prior to starting the Opulence Program™. Now I work less than 40 hours per week and have doubled the size of my business in just 12-months."

Tash Kritter, Little Wooden Toybox

"This year's I have grown my monthly revenue 12x from $4k to over $52,000 per month, I now make a profit and have managed to reduce my working hours from 60hrs per week to under 30 hours. 2 years down the track after working with The Game Changers I now produce over 6-figures+ per month, have a full team that manage the day to day and have more free time for myself and my children”

Dr. Dan Ho, Thrive Health Centre

"The success month-on-month has been in increasing patients numbers, prior I was working three days a week totalling 45 hours for Thrive Health Centre but only billing for 18 hours. Within the first 2 weeks of working with The Game Changers, I was able to uncover a $250,000 opportunity never seen before."

Jeff & Chris Peek, AutoOne

"I had been in business for 30 years and knew I needed to do something different to keep up with a changing economy. Since joining The Game Changers I have seen greater alignment between myself and my business partners which has resulted in increased in average sales by 300% and increase in profits margins by 8% while also having clearer direction and focus than ever before."

Johannes Klupfer, Cloudclicks

"Working with The Game Changers has helped us have a month on month growth, increase our prices, attract better quality clients and build out the systems and the processes so I only have to work a 30hour week. I've been able to focus more. on progress over being perfect and it's been a game-changer in my business."

Jacob Moffit, Movement Co.

"Within the first few months of joining The Game Changers I grew my client base by 30% in just three weeks and reduced my time working in the business 2 days per week.."

Steve Connelly, Connelly's Office National

"Had my Game Plan™ session with yesterday afternoon and worked out my 90 Day Plan - Clarity and Direction. Slept through the night for the first time in Months, felt positive on the drive to the office, even had some emotional tears. Not sure if they were Happy, or Relief tears 🤣🤣but definitely an emotional release."

Mairead Hodgson, BOQ

"Because of working with The Game Changer in their Opulence program™ I now have the right team in place and can the afternoon off, Thank you Game Changers."

Tracey and Vanessa, Family Tree Child Care

"Am so grateful to be part of such an inspiring community. Vanessa and I joined a company called The Game Changers last month and they are nothing short of actually amazing. We have been able to scale our child care centre to have a huge waiting list, reduced our time working in the business and are now well on our way to opening a second centre."

Sophie Budd, TasteBudds

"I was told to pack up shop and close down my business by my accountant. After only a few short weeks working with The Game Changers things in Business and life has never been better. I've doubled my revenue, made a decent profit and have also managed to travel back to the UK several times to visit my family."

Kyle Burton, Kalgoorlie Motorcycles

"Before working with the Game Changers I had big challenges finding and hiring the right staff for my business. There was also a lot of inconsistency in sales. However, since joining I've learnt how to find and hire new staff using Facebook ads and have found several great team members and also improved my sales. I sold 6 motorcycles in the past week which is a record for us ."

Matt Hanham, Visible

The Game Changers Opulence program™ gave me the opportunity to take a step back from my business and work on it rather than being caught inside of it. I now have the accountability and a strategically formatted Game Plan™ to go back and check on the things that are on important to me in my business.

Chris and Dennis, Story Driven Agency

Since joining The Game Changers we spend significantly less time worrying about how to run their business and are now moving forward with solid processes and plans in place which has meant we have more freedom to do what we enjoy doing within the business leading to us being an overall happier life. We are added 1200% to our revenue and tripled our profits within the first 2-months of joining."
More members who have ALREADY been changed by the Ultimate Game Plan™ Consult Session...
As you can see from all we're sharing with you, the proof is in the results, the testimonials the outcomes. There's now only one thing left to do...
Want More Member Success Stories...??
"The most important part of being part of TGC for me is the mindset work and the change work. It's made a massive difference"
Tash found a community who supports everyone in their wins and challenges that created a massive change in her mindset
"I've really leveraged my time, allowing us to grow while maintaining our services."
Vicky's business has dramatically changed through time management and discovering new ideas and strategies that are helpful for both business and personal growth.
"I've now got more people working for me and I am able to take on more work and with more confidence!"
The Game Changers Opulence Program™ has an incredible tribe  of genuine authentic business owners. It is where you can find a support system who knows the system. Getting clear on areas needed for the business growth gave Karen more confidence to push more for herself and her business.
"The impact has been profound. The work on the inner game has changed our energy and our approach to business."
The Opulence Program™ has brought massive transformation through his work on The Inner Game and amongst the tribe. Dan Peterson has activated new energy and created a new approach towards business, the way how he interacts with his clients and discovering what his business and clients deserve... creating increases in business revenue and growth.
"I've gained a lot of clarity in myself and it's followed through to my business."
John gained more clarity by applying what he learned from The Opulence Program™ and being a tribe where he can share his wins and challenges, getting the supportive that he needs.
"Gaining time and reconnecting with family and being able to grow into a different role [CEO] in the business."
Haami refocused his goals on what mattered most to him and the business. As a member of the tribe and progressing towards the common goal, Hammi experiences positive progressive action, gaining back time with the most critical aspect of his life - family.
Can't wait to add you to our hall of fame as a tribal legend in the Opulence Program™.  It's time for you to be a game changer for you and book your time with an expert for your Game Plan™ Session... below.
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